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How to Qualify

Applying and The Approval Process

The process for applying for an advance is very simple.  Contact Bridgeway by phone, e-mail or website application submission.   After a brief conversation, we will reach out to your law firm to gather some documents and review your case.  Assuming you are approved, we will prepare a contract for signature.  Once we receive your contract back, via fax or email, we can either overnight you a check or wire the funds directly into your account. 

Types of cases Bridgeway makes advances on

How much of a cash advance can I receive? 

Bridgeway does its best to determine the value of a case by reviewing the liability, damages and insurance limits that are available.  Based on our valuation of your case, we will typically make advances of up to 10% of the estimated value of a case.  More simply, if we estimate a case to be worth $50,000 we could generally offer up to a $5,000 advance.  

Locations We Can Fund

The location that your accident takes place is a very important factor in consideration for a pre-settlement advance. The state in which your accident occurs will be the venue for your lawsuit no matter where you may be living or a resident of. For example, a New York resident who happens to have a car accident while on vacation in California will have their case negotiated and/or litigated in California and in line with California Law.

We can advance clients with Motor Vehicle accidents, Slip & Falls, Construction, etc. in all states with the exception of:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee

For Workers’ Compensation cases, we can fund in the following.

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