Kansas Workers' Compensation Cash Advance

If you have an attorney and a workers’ compensation case in Kansas you can apply for a cash advance with Bridgeway today. 

For workers injured on the job in the state of Kansas are eligible for a variety of benefits. 


Medical Benefits

If you are hurt on the job in Kansas, you are entitled to medical treatment.  Under Kansas state law, your employer has the right to choose your doctor.  If you choose your own doctor, your employer is only liable for up to $500 in medical bills.  You will also be allowed to collect for mileage reimbursement for your travel to and from your doctor’s office. 


Compensation Benefits

No benefit is paid for the first 7 days you are absent from work.  After this threshold is met, Kansas workers compensation law dictates that your employer or their insurance company must pay two-thirds or 66.67% of your wage up to the maximum benefit.


Current Maximum Benefit Levels

Maximum Weekly


Minimum Weekly


Minimum Weekly Survivors Benefit


Mileage Reimbursement                                           54 cents

Legal Funding

While you’re involved in a workers’ compensation case you may be running low on funds.  You can borrow money against your lawsuit to help pay your daily expenses while your attorney fights for the full value of the case. 


The amount of funding you can receive for your case depends on the estimated value of your case.  The value of your workers’ compensation case is determined by the severity of your injury and wage loss.



The application process is simple, easy and fast.  You can receive money within 24 hours of applying.  To apply you need to have a pending workers’ compensation case in the state of Kansas or other states that we can fund.  You also need to have an attorney and a serious injury. 


We will need to speak with you and your law firm about the case to determine how much we can offer you, if anything.  We will also request documents from your law firm that details your accident, injury and medical treatment. 


Receiving Funds

If you are approved you can choose to receive your funds by regular mail ($0), an overnight shipped check ($35), or a wire transfer to your checking account ($25). 


Bridgeway Legal Funding

Bridgeway offers low cost cash advances.  Borrowing money against your lawsuit can be costly and the lower your cost, the more money you will receive in your settlement.  We believe we are the least expensive company in the industry. 


The advances are non-recourse, meaning that if for some reason your case is unsuccessful and you do not receive a settlement, then we do not get paid.  For this reason, your ability to receive an advance is not based on your credit score, but the merits of your Kansas Workers’ Comp Case. 


If you have any questions or would like to apply for a cash advance, then please call us at 800-531-4066, or apply by filling out the form on the right side of your computer screen. If you have an attorney and a workers’ compensation case in Kansas you can apply for a cash advance with Bridgeway today.