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Louisiana Car Wreck Settlement Cash Now

Everyday injured car wreck victims wish they could have their settlement cash today and not have to wait 1-2 years for the insurance company to pay them for their injuries. Luckily for them, the wait is over! Bridgeway Legal Funding now offers Car Wreck Settlement Advances so these injured plaintiffs can get the money they need to pay their bills, feed their family and see their doctors while being forced to miss work.

How can I get my settlement money now?

Bridgeway offers pre-settlement lawsuit advances on Louisiana personal injury cases. Advances can be approved within 24 hours and applicants can have the cash in their pocket within 48 hours of contacting Bridgeway. This type of funding may sound like a loan, but it is actually a  "non-recourse cash advance". All that means is that you only have to repay the money you receive if you win your case. The beauty of this form of funding is that if you do not receive money from your lawsuit, you don't have to pay anything to Bridgeway. Plus, you can keep the money you were advanced!

How do I get a lawsuit cash advance? 

The application process is extremely easy, simply call or email Bridgeway today. Once you apply, there will be a quick 2-3 minutes conversation to explain how your accident happened and what your injuries were. Next, we will send an application to your lawyer's office and request some documents about your case. Once we receive the documents from your lawyer, we can let you know how much of a settlement advance you are qualified for.

How much settlement money can I receive today?

There is no exact formula in determining the amount of money you can be advanced on your lawsuit settlement, every case is unique. In most cases, a funding company can advance you 10% of the estimated value of your case. So, if your case is estimated to be worth $100,000, you may be able to get a $10,000 lawsuit loan now. Two of the biggest factors in determining your case value are the damages you have been caused and the amount of insurance coverage. Damages are the injuries you were caused, the treatment & surgery you needed but also can be economic damages. Economic damages can be money you missed out on because you couldn't work as well as money you may not be able to earn in the future because of the impact of your injuries.

In Louisiana, the minimum insurance policy limits for drivers is a $15,000/$30,000 policy. That means that all drivers must have at least that much coverage in case of an accident, however many will have larger coverage.  The 1st number, $15,000 refers to the most money the insurance company will pay a single injured plaintiff for an accident. The 2nd number, $30,000, refers to the most the insurance company will pay split among all parties involved in the accident. Knowing the insurance coverage is a huge piece in valuing a case because in most situations, that will determine the maximum settlement you may be able to win. 

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