Mississippi Workers' Compensation Plaintiff Funding

If you are a plaintiff in a Mississippi workers’ compensation case and have an attorney you are eligible for legal funding.  When you’re injured in an accident at work, receiving your settlement may take longer than you expected.  Waiting longer than you have to could force you into a position where you take whatever the insurance company offers. 


What is Plaintiff Funding?

Litigation is a struggle between plaintiff and defendant.  The plaintiff who has been injured, seeks the maximum compensation for their case.  The defendant who has to pay the injured party, seeks to limit what they owe and drag out the legal process.


Because litigation takes a long time the plaintiff may end up settling for less than their case is worth out of desperation.  Plaintiff funding is a resource that plaintiffs can use to get by in the short-term, while their attorney fights for their maximum reward.  Plaintiffs with cases in Mississippi can apply for funding because there is no legislation preventing them to do so. 


How to Apply in Mississippi

Although we are not located in Mississippi, we still fund cases in Mississippi.  All you have to do to apply is call us at 800-531-4066 or fill out the form on this webpage. 


Once we receive your attorney’s information we will reach out to them for a quick phone call about your case.  We’ll request case documents for review to determine the estimated value of your case and how much you can borrow. 


If we agree upon an amount to lend you, we send a contract for you and your attorney to sign, which allows us to be paid back at the end of the case from the proceeds of the settlement.  If the case is unsuccessful and there is no settlement, then you do not owe us anything.  For this reason, we do not require a credit check as the funding is based off of the merits of the case. 


Common Workplace Injuries

We will take a look at any injury, but severe injuries are worth more than soft tissue injuries.  Common injuries we fund are broken bones, torn ligaments, fractures, herniations, bulges, concussions, loss of limb, etc. 


Common Mississippi Jobs Where Injury Occurs

We will take a look at any workers’ comp case in Mississippi.  Typically we deal with airline employees, construction workers, laborers, bus drivers, bartenders, truck drivers, tractor trailer drivers, government employees, union workers, postal workers, electricians, mechanics, nurses, home health aides, security guards, restaurant employees, delivery drivers and more. 


Other terms for Plaintiff Funding

Mississippi plaintiff funding goes by many other names including:

Mississippi workers’ compensation legal funding

Mississippi workers’ compensation cash advance

Mississippi workers’ compensation lawsuit loan

Mississippi workers’ compensation pre-settlement funding

Mississippi workers’ compensation settlement funding


Bridgeway Legal Funding

Bridgeway is an authority on legal funding in Mississippi.  We specialize in helping victims in workers’ compensation claims by advancing money before or after a case is settled.  Bridgeway is the low cost provider in the industry where price in an important factor for the customer.  The less you pay for your lawsuit funding the more you will receive in your settlement.  Apply by calling 800-531-4066 or fill out the form on the right hand side of your computer screen.