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Texas Car Wreck Settlement Cash Now

Each year there are thousands of car wrecks and 18 wheeler crashes in Texas. Unfortunately those who are injured in these accidents will likely not receive and money compensation for 1-2 years. The problem is in order to get the money they deserve, plaintiffs will have to have months of treatment, followed by settlement negotiations and often lengthy litigation before seeing the settlement money they deserve. 

How is an injured plaintiff who cannot work supposed to pay their bills for 1-2 years without being able to work?

The answer is a pre-settlement advance from Bridgeway Legal Funding.  Bridgeway offers advances, commonly referred to as "settlement loans" or "lawsuit loans", to those injured in car wrecks. You can receive a cash advance in 24 hours or less and then money only needs to be repaid if you win your case. An advance on your lawsuit settlement requires no credit check or any up-front fees. If approved for an advance, you can receive cash now and your attorney will pay it back from your settlement money if you win your case.

How much cash can I borrow on my car wreck settlement?

The amount of money you can borrow on your settlement really depends on how much your case could be worth. In most cases, plaintiffs can be advanced 10% of value of their case. To determine the potential value of an injury settlement, you must consider 3 variables; Damages, Liability & Insurance.

-Damages - injuries you received and work you had to miss because of the accident.

-Liability - who is at-fault or responsible for causing the accident. Liability can be 100% or can be split between multiple parties involved.

-Insurance - is the amount of money that can potentially won in a settlement. The policy limits of the insurance coverage for your accident are a huge factor in the settlement value.

By law, Texas requires drivers of a personal use vehicle to have at least $30,000 of insurance coverage. Also, the state of Texas requires drivers of commercial use vehicles (For example: tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, box trucks, etc.) to have at least $750,000 of insurance coverage. These are the minimum amounts of coverage drivers need to have by law, but often insurance policies can be much larger.

What are the top 3 ways to maximize my lawsuit settlement?

1.) Make sure to complete any & all treatment that is prescribed by your doctors. You may have very serious injuries, but if you do not do the recommended treatments & procedures, your case will only be worth a fraction of its potential value.

2.) Keep in touch with your attorney regularly and make sure to attend all court appearances and independent doctor appointments.  

3.) Do not engage in any illegal activity that could undermine your credibility.  Unfortunately, even plaintiffs with the most serious injuries and most "slam dunk" cases can be derailed if the plaintiff is found guilty of a felony.  

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