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Truck Accident Lawsuit Loans Missouri

Each year thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents involving trucks and tractor trailers. Unfortunately due to the size and weight of trucks, often the other motorists involved become seriously injured. An injury lawsuit against a trucking company can take several years to complete and in most cases those injured cannot afford to wait. Bridgeway Legal Funding can provide immediate cash to injured plaintiffs of Missouri!

I can receive cash from my injury lawsuit now?

Yes, Bridgeway Legal Funding offers pre-settlement funding, also known as "lawsuit loans" to injured plaintiffs and the money only needs to be re-paid if you win your case! An advance on your potential lawsuit settlement allows you to meet your financial needs and stay afloat until your lawyer is able to get your full deserved compensation. A small advance on your case now to help you pay rent, mortgage, car loans, medical bills and other everyday expenses can be a huge benefit instead of being forced to settle your case for less then it's worth because you have no other choice.

How does the process work?

The application process is quick and easy. Apply today by calling (800) 531-4066 or by submitting an application on our website. A team member will contact you immediately to discuss your case. After speaking with you, Bridgeway will contact your lawyer's office to request some more information and documentation. After receiving documents from your law office, Bridgeway can approve your loan in 24 hours or less! While commonly called a "lawsuit loan", pre-settlement funding is not actually a loan. Therefore, the process requires no credit or background check. A lawsuit loan will not effect your personal credit history in any way.

After receiving your advance, there are no payments or out of pocket expenses, At the conclusion of your case, if you win, your attorney will re-pay the advance to Bridgeway. If your case is un-successful, then you can keep the money you were given no questions asked.

What could my lawsuit settlement against a truck be worth?

One of the biggest factors for valuing an injury lawsuit is the insurance policy of the at-fault party. For accidents involving trucks and tractor trailers insurance policies are far greater than normal cars.

Federal regulations require a carrier of non-hazardous material to have an insurance policy of a minimum amount of $750,000 to cover liability for injuries to the public. A carrier of certain hazardous materials must have insurance with a minimum amount of $5 million dollars in liability coverage. Also, a trucking company may have an insurance policy over the driver of the truck as well as the trailer. That means that even if the tractor and trailer are insured under the same policy, there may be separate limits of coverage for both the tractor and trailer (For example: $1 million of coverage on each for a total of $2 million).

While an accident involving a truck does not ensure a large injury settlement, it allows for far more compensation to those who have been seriously injured. Unfortunately for some injured parties, if the at-fault vehicle carries only the Missouri state minimum insurance of $25,000 then that would be the most they can win in a lawsuit.

Bridgeway can provide immediate case funding in:

St. Louis County, Jackson County, St. Charles County, St. Louis City County, Greene County, Clay County, Jefferson County, Boone County, Jasper County, Franklin County, Cass County, Platte County, Buchanan County, Christian County, Cape Girardeau County, Cole County, St. Francois County, Newton County, Johnson County, Pulaski County, Lincoln County, Taney County, Phelps County, Callaway County, Camden County and Butler County.

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