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Workers' Compensation

Vermont Workers' Comp Cash Advance Loan

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work and have a workers’ compensation attorney we can help with a cash advance loan.  Many residents of Vermont use our services to fund their workers’ comp cases. 
When you are injured at work, workers’ comp benefits kick it, but they only pay a portion of your wages.  Being injured is already a big enough burden, but now you have to deal with the financial burden of making less.  The lack of pay could make it difficult to pay your rent, mortgage, car loan, car insurance, utility bill, groceries, childcare and other daily living expenses.  You can quickly run out of savings as lawsuits are notoriously known for taking longer than first expected. 
What is a Lawsuit Loan?
That’s where we can help.  We offer “lawsuit loans” against your workers’ comp case.  While often called a “lawsuit loan” by consumers, a lawsuit loan is not actually a loan.  When you take pre-settlement funding you don’t owe a thing back unless your case wins and you receive a settlement.  A normal loan has to be paid back with a specific time period and you must pass a credit check.  A lawsuit loan does not require credit or background checks because it is based upon the predicted worth of your case, not on your ability to pay us back from your income.  Once the case is settled we receive our principal back plus fees and you receive the rest of your settlement. 
Low Rates
We have a lot of competition that does business in Vermont, however we are by far the least expensive company in the industry when it comes to our rates.  Our clients use us because we charge simple, not compounding rates.  Attorneys continue to use us because we’re easy to work with and quick to get the applicant cash as soon as possible. 
Fast Cash Delivery
If you’re approved for a cash advance we can get you the money the same day with a wire transfer.  The money can be delivered in one day via an overnight shipped check. 
Application Process
To apply call us or use the form on the ride hand side of your screen.  Once you apply we will have a quick conversation with you and your attorney to hear the facts of the case.  If it sounds doable we will send a document request to your law firm to look over your case documents.  Case documents include a police report, surgery report, hospital bills etc. 
From these facts we estimate what your case is worth and make you an offer that will not exceed 10% of your expected settlement.  We don’t want to be a big deal at the end of your case.  We want you, the injured victim to receive most of their settlement. 
Bridgeway Legal Funding
Bridgeway is an authority on legal funding.  We have been in business over 7 years.  Our success has been attributed to having the lowest rates in the industry and excellent customer service.  If you would like to apply for an advance in Vermont please give us a call at 800-531-4066. 
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