Workers' Comp Advance Indiana

If you have a pending workers’ comp case in the state of Indiana, Bridgeway Legal Funding can help you pay your bills with a cash advance. 



If you’ve been injured at work in Indiana you are able to receive wage replacement, medical care and money if the medical care cannot return you to pre-injury health status. 


Wage replacement is based on a two thirds percentage of your weekly wage.  As of July 1, 2016, the maximum weekly wages is $1170, therefore the maximum weekly wage replacement benefit is $780. 



You can be terminated while on workers’ compensation as long as the employer does not discriminate against you for your age, sex, race, religion, nationality, or disability.  If you are fired because your injury prevents you from working then your employer would have to pay you temporary total disability payments. 



If you want your employer to pay for your medical visits, you have to go to a doctor selected by your employer.  If your employer requests you submit to examination and you fail to so, your benefits may be suspended.  You can use your own doctor, but you would bear the cost, unless the employer or insurer agrees to use that doctor. 


Legal Funding

If you have a pending workers’ compensation lawsuit in Indiana you may be running out of money.  Having an injury and being out of work can seriously limit your ability to pay your daily living expenses including rent, utilities, groceries and child care.  Workers’ compensation benefits are typically two thirds of your income and you may fall short when it comes to paying your bills. 


Fortunately you can take out an advance against your lawsuit.  There are no credit checks because the amount of money you can receive depends on the estimated value of your case.  If your case is unsuccessful you won’t owe back a dime!


Bridgeway Legal Funding

Bridgeway is a leading provider of cash advances to workers’ comp victims in Indiana.  We are the low-cost provider in the industry, offering some of the lowest fees in the industry.  The lower your fees the more you will collect from the settlement you deserve.  To apply for an advance in Indiana call us at 800-531-4066 or fill out the form on the right hand side of the website.