Workers' Comp Nevada Lawsuit Loan

You’ve been in an accident at work in Nevada and your bills are piling up.  We can help with an immediate cash advance to get your by while your attorney fights for your settlement. 


After being in an accident at work the bills are piling up.  You may need cash to pay your rent, utilities, mortgage, groceries, gas, car payments, car insurance and childcare. 

Getting a loan from the bank is difficult and takes a long time.  You may not even be approved after all that work.  The bank will not accept your lawsuit as collateral for a loan.  However, a lawsuit loan company specializes in evaluating your lawsuit and gives you money based on the estimated value of your case. 


To apply for an advance you must be an injured worker with a claim and an attorney.  Whether you have good credit, bad credit and even no credit, you can still apply for a lawsuit loan on a workers’ comp case in Nevada.  Your approval is not based on a credit check or your ability to pay the loan back, but it is based on how valuable your case is. 

Lawsuit Loans

While most people search for lawsuit loans on google, technically they are not a loan.  Because of the risky nature of lawsuits the possibility of losing is much higher.  If your case is unsuccessful, then you don’t owe the lawsuit funding company back. 

Since lawsuits are a risky asset, funding companies must charge higher fees than traditional lenders.  However, if you have no other means of obtaining cash then it could be the right option for you.

 Lawsuit funding puts you on a level playing field with the insurance companies.  Insurance companies notoriously want to pay you as little as possible and keep you waiting as long as possible.  They do this in hopes that you will take a smaller settlement because you are desperate for money.  Legal funding can be well worth it to keep you afloat while your attorney fights for the maximum value of your case and you don’t settle out of desperation. 

Bridgeway Legal Funding

Bridgeway is an authority on legal funding.  We offer low rates on our advances compared to our competitors.  We are able to charge less because our investors receive a lower return on the capital they put up compared to our competitors investors.  We pass this savings on to our clients and they end up receiving larger settlements. 

Lawyers use us because we’re inexpensive and easy to work with.  The less expensive the fees are, the more money is left over for their client.  After dealing with thousands of cases and hundreds of law firms we understand what they want from us and they continue to bring their business to us. 

If  you wish to apply for a lawsuit loan on a workers’ comp case in Nevada please call us at 800-531-4066 or apply on the right hand side of your screen.