If I was a passenger and my driver caused the accident, can I sue?

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Most people do not realize that just because you were a passenger in a car with a loved one, a friend or a family member who was driving you can still sue for damages. Car insurance exists to protect those who were injured when someone else was at fault. Your driver is financially liable for your well-being while you are in their vehicle.  

As a passenger, you (or your attorney) should contact the owner of the car’s insurance company in order to file a claim. Auto insurance rules & regulations are in place to ensure you are compensated for your damages when the negligence of someone else caused your injuries.  Accidents happen all the time and if someone is negligent while you are in their car, even if it was a friend or family member, you should not have to suffer.

Car insurance exists to protect those who were injured when someone else was at fault. You may be able to receive compensation from multiple parties.

A passenger can sue all drivers involved in an auto accident.   It is your attorney’s job to investigate the claim in order to determine who was at fault for the accident and where the liability insurance is. Sometimes more than one driver can be the cause of the accident.   Sometimes your attorney will hire an investigator to help them determine how to proceed with your case.

For example: If your friend was giving you a ride home and they lost control of the car while making a turn and went off the road, you may be able to receive financial compensation from your friend’s auto insurance but also maybe from your own insurance, depending on the state you live in.

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