Legal Funding or a Lawsuit Loan is a risk-free tool to receive up to 20% of your future injury settlement today.  Don't waste your time with other funders who don't care about you, go with Bridgeway and get the best customer service around.

While the benefits of using Bridgeway for your Pre-Settlement funding needs are many, the most beneficial are as follows.

  • Fast: Funding can be completed within a day: Bridgeway is a small team that is highly accessible to provide immediate attention to your questions and needs. We require only the necessary case documents and a brief telephone interview to review an application.
  • Low Rates: Bridgeway offers funding at a lower rate than almost any competitor in the industry. The legal process is slow, even the simplest of cases can take longer than expected for you to receive the full value of your case. Depending on the outlook of your case, Bridgeway can advance money to a client at either a simple or compounding rate. By seeking out the lowest rate for your lawsuit loan, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees each year!
  • Direct Funder: Bridgeway is a direct funder of cases, as opposed to using one of many brokerage services. By contacting us directly, you can avoid additional fees that routinely increase the cost of funding 15-20%!
  • Recognized and Secure: Bridgeway is an active member of the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA) which is a trade organization overseeing the legal funding industry to establish industry guidelines in accordance with all laws and regulations. All members are required use funding agreements without any hidden fees or costs.
  • No Risk: All funding is non-recourse. If your case is unsuccessful, you will owe nothing!