Bridgeway provides cash advances to plaintiffs involved in personal injury lawsuits.  A cash advance on your future lawsuit settlement can help cover daily living expenses, rent and car payments, emergency medical costs and much more! 

Lawsuit funding can provide you and the financial flexibility you need now while your lawyer fights for the full value of your case.  All funding is non-recourse, meaning that if your case is unsuccessful you owe Bridgeway nothing!  Advances can be completed in as little as 24 hours from contacting us. Apply Now!



Other Personal Injury Funding Cases

If you have been injured because of the negligence of others, Bridgeway can provide a cash advance today! Everyday people are seriously injured because of unsafe, dangerous conditions created or neglected by others. A pre-settlement advance from Bridgeway can give you the money to meet your...

Workers' Compensation Lawsuit Loans

If you have been injured while at work and are awaiting a settlement from Workers’ Compensation, Bridgeway can help! Bridgeway Legal Funding can provide you the necessary cash to meet your financial needs immediately while your attorney fights for the full value of your case. A cash advance on your case can help you to pay rent, bills, daily expenses, medical treatment and much more.

Car Accident Settlement Loans

If you have been injured in a car accident and need cash now, Bridgeway Legal Funding can help. Bridgeway specializes no-risk cash advances that help cover emergency expenses, bills, rent and more. Injuries sustained in a car accident can be physical but also mentally & financially. Being forced to miss work and go to doctors appointments for injuries can really cause your bills to pile up fast, Bridgeway can get you the money you need today.


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