For injured workers and laborers of New York awaiting their injury settlement, Bridgeway can provide an immediate cash advance today! New York Labor Law, also known as Scaffolding Law, refers to provisions that aid construction workers who have been injured on a job or work site. The code is intended to make it easier for injured workers to be fully compensated for injuries caused by unsafe working conditions, poor maintenance and owner negligence.  Although helpful to injured laborers, such claims often take quite some time before the injured party receives the injury settlement they badly need. While waiting for their settlement, injured laborers often become heavily burdened with debt from rent, car payments, mortgages, medical bills and other daily expenses. A cash advance or pre-settlement advance from Bridgeway can help! Pre-settlement funding on a Labor Law case provides much needed cash to aid injured workers while their attorney fights for the full value of their settlement.

In most states, injured workers cannot sue their employer for injuries suffered while on the job, New York Labor Law established special provisions that allows workers to do so and avoid a workers compensation claim that often severely limits the value of a potential injury settlement.

Bridgeway can provide Labor Law settlement funding in all 5 boroughs of New York.

-Staten Island

The application process is quick and easy. Apply today either by submitting an application on your website or by phone call to (800) 531-4066. Once you apply, our underwriters will give you a brief interview on how your accident happened, request the appropriate documents from your attorney’s office and then let your know how much of a case advance we can offer you. In most cases, Bridgeway can provide residents of New York with a lawsuit cash advance within 24-48 hours from when you apply.

New York Labor Law funding

New York Construction Accident Cash Advance

New York Labor Law settlement advance

New York Legal Funding

Labor Law case funding in New York

A cash advance on your accident settlement is a risk-free resource available to injured workers because if for any reason you do not receive a settlement, you will not have to re-pay anything! All pre-settlement funding is non-recourse and requires no credit or background checks; the amount advanced is based strictly on the merits of your case.

Labor Law Cases often involve injuries caused from:


-heavy machinery



-lifts, hoists & ladders

-backhoes, bulldozers & loaders

-chemical spills

-falls from heights

Bridgeway can provide a settlement cash advance or “lawsuit loan” for injuries including broken bones, burns, crushed limbs, brain trauma, amputations, fractures, loss of vision, memory loss, catastrophic injury and paralysis.