How is the Pre-Settlement Funding repaid?

The pre-settlement legal funding is repaid from the proceeds of the case settlement, and is issued to Bridgeway from your attorney’s office at the same time you receive your portion of the funds.

Does the process take long?

No, the process can be completed within 24 hours of receiving case documents on your case. Once approved, you can receive the funds as soon as the signed contract is returned to us.

Is this a loan?

No, a pre-settlement advance is not a loan. This type of funding is an advance on your case and is determined strictly on the merits of your case. There is no credit check required.

Are there any fees for reviewing my case?

No, there is no cost to review your case. If approved, there is an underwriting fee charged that covers any costs associated with processing your advance.

Can I re-pay my advance before my case settles?

Yes, you are able to re-pay the advance at any time.

How much can Bridgeway advance me against my claim or lawsuit?

Advances can be made anywhere from $500 - $50,000 depending on the merits of the case.

If my case is lost, then what happens?

In the event your case is lost and there is no settlement award, then nothing is owed.

Is Bridgeway a direct funder of Cases?

Yes, Bridgeway can fund your case directly. There is no broker or middleman involved.

Do I need to have an attorney to receive funding?

Yes, in order to receive pre-settlement funding, you must have an attorney handling your claim.

Does it take a long time to get my money?

Once we receive your contract back signed by you and your attorney, we can release the funds immediately.

What can I use the money for?

Money advanced by Bridgeway can be used for rent, utility bills, car payments, daily living expenses, medical procedures, etc.

What types of cases can Bridgeway advance money on?

We can fund motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation, slip & falls, labor law, FELA (train accidents), Jones Act (maritime accidents) and others.