If you have been injured in a car accident in California and need immediate financial help, Bridgeway Legal Funding can provide assistance! Bridgeway provides pre-settlement funding to injured plaintiffs of motor vehicle accidents. This type of funding is a non-recourse cash advance on the estimated future value of your injury settlement.

While often called a "lawsuit loan" the advance given is not actually a loan.  A non-recourse advance means that the money you are advanced is only re-paid if you receive a settlement. If there is no settlement awarded for your accident, you will not have to re-pay the advance. A pre-settlement advance has no effect on your personal credit and requires no credit or background check.

The state of California has the largest court system, which like many court systems are congested with heavy case loads.  The legal process is slow, often much slower than anticipated even for the most straightforward, clear cut cases.  It is common practice for auto insurers to draw the settlement process out for as long as possible in an attempt to force plaintiffs into accepting less than the full deserved value of their case. Unfortunately, most California residents injured in a car accident cannot wait years for their settlement. California has a higher cost of living making it even more difficult on those injured in accidents and out of work.  Legal funding or a “lawsuit loan” from Bridgeway provides cash today that can be used to pay rent, mortgage payments, car payments, medical bills and much more.  

Bridgeway can offer California car accident victims up to 10% of the estimated value of their case.  In California the minimum amount of insurance coverage is $15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident for bodily injury and $5,000 for property damage.  In a scenario where the at fault party only has the minimum insurance you can only collect up to $15,000 and therefore could only borrow up to $1,500.  However, many California residents pay for more coverage.  If the at fault party had $100,000 of coverage then you may qualify for up to a $10,000 advance.  

Bridgeway can provide a lawsuit advance to injured parties throughout California including:

- Los Angeles

- San Diego

- San Jose

- San Francisco

- Fresno

- Sacramento

- Long Beach

- Oakland

- Bakersfield

- Anaheim

The application process is quick and easy. Apply today either by submitting an application on your website or by phone call to (800) 531-4066. Once you apply, our underwriters will give you a brief interview on how your accident happened, request the appropriate documents from your attorney’s office and then let your know how much of a case advance we can offer you. In most cases, Bridgeway can provide residents of California with a lawsuit cash advance within 24-48 hours from when you apply.

Pre–Settlement Funding in California

Lawsuit Loan in California

Legal Finance in California

Settlement Funding in California

Legal Funding in California

Lawsuit Case Advance in California

Bridgeway can provide immediate case funding in: Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernadino County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Sacramento County, Contra Costa County, Fresno County, Kern County, San Francisco County, Ventura County, San Mateo County, San Joaquin County.