How long does it take to get an advance?

After a plaintiff has retained an attorney, has been evaluated by a doctor and begun treatment for their injuries, he or she may submit an application for funding. The company will typically give the plaintiff a call for a brief phone interview (3-5 minutes) and then request case documents from their law firm. Once those documents are received, the underwriting process can begin

The underwriter must analyze several factors of your lawsuit. The first is liability, or who is at fault for the accident. Liability refers to the legal responsibility of one party (defendant) to act a certain way towards another (plaintiff). Next is causation, or the link showing how the defendant’s actions caused your injury and not a prior medical issue or prior accident. Lastly, the underwriter must determine what damages were caused by reviewing medical reports, treatment records, and doctor narratives to provide insight into the severity of the injuries.

If approved, the funding company will ask you to sign a contract or case investment agreement. The money can be wired to a bank account or a check can be sent overnight. In most cases, you can receive the money in 24-48 hours after you apply for the advance.