Jobs with the Highest Number of Workers' Comp Claims

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At almost every workplace there is a chance of injury.  However, certain jobs are higher risk than others.  We list some common dangerous jobs that have the highest workers' comp claim rates.  

Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers
Truck drivers have the highest incidence rate with over 55,000 workers injured in 2014.  Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road, which makes them prone to motor vehicle accidents.  Truck drivers often help unload their deliveries, lifting heavy boxes, using forklifts, and bending over, which puts them at further risk for injury. 

Police, Firefighting and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
All first responders put themselves in danger to help others.  They usually rush to the scene of an accident, but in doing so, may put themselves at risk for an accident.  Once at the scene of the call, they may be dealing with dangerous criminals, a blazing fire or a difficult patient.  Police officers and firefighters have the highest number of days away from work to recover from their injuries. 

Highway Maintenance Workers
Road workers work with heavy equipment.  They are also at risk of being hit by vehicles passing by.  We’ve all seen the roadwork signs on our local highway, which require a reduced speed limit, and double the fine for an infraction. 

Construction Laborers
Construction workers use dangerous heavy equipment, which can severely injure if use in error.  Construction workers spend a lot of time working at heights on scaffolding or ladders where a fall would seriously injure them. 

Nursing Assistants
Nursing assistants have the second highest rate of injury among all workers in 2014.  Over 60% of nursing assistants have been injured on the job.  Nursing assistants have to lift patients and bathe them.  At times senile patients are physically aggressive toward the nursing assistants. 

Electricians often work at heights on ladders, roofs and utility poles.  Other than falling to a lower level, electricians are also at risk for being electrocuted. 

Other Jobs with High Incidence Rates Include:
Highway maintenance workers, correctional officers and jailers, light truck or delivery services drivers, heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) technicians, zookeepers, maids and telecommunications repairers. 

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