Lawsuit Loans for Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident and need cash now? Bridgeway Legal Funding can help! Bridgeway specializes in providing pre-settlement funding or “lawsuit loans” to injured plaintiffs who are awaiting a lawsuit settlement.

What is a lawsuit loan?

A pre-settlement advance on a lawsuit, more commonly known as a lawsuit loan, is a non-recourse advance on the expected settlement value of an injury lawsuit. Non-recourse simply means that any money you are advanced only needs to be re-paid if you win your case. If your case is lost and you do not receive a settlement, you get to keep the money you were given, no questions asked!

A lawsuit loan does not require any payments prior to the conclusion of your case. The advance is based only on the facts surrounding your case; meaning there will be no credit or background check performed during the application process.

Why use Bridgeway?

Unlike most all other funders in the lawsuit loan industry, Bridgeway offers funding at a non-compounding rate. A compounding rate is one that will continue to increase at a higher amount the longer your case goes. A non-compounding rate is one rate remains the same through-out, or continues on a “straight-line”.

For example, a client who received a $5,000 advance from Bridgeway and repaid it after 18 months would save 20% or roughly $1,700 in costs compared to a funder who is charging compounding interest!

How does the process work?

The application process is quick and easy. Apply today either by submitting an application on our website or by phone call to (800) 531-4066. Once you apply, our team will have a brief telephone conversation with you on how your accident happened, request the appropriate documents from your attorney’s office and then let your know how much of a lawsuit loan we can offer you. In most cases, Bridgeway can provide cash to residents of Florida within 24 hours from when you apply.

Once approved, you will be given a contract to sign and return. Once the contract is returned, Bridgeway can fund your case immediately! After receiving a lawsuit loan, there are no payments required at any point. Once your case is settled and your attorney receives the check, their office will re-pay the loan you were given.

How long does a motorcycle accident lawsuit take?

The biggest factor in the length of time your case will take is whether it can be settled through negotiation or if a trial is required. Another major factor is the amount of treatment required for your injuries, because in most cases your attorney will not and should not begin to negotiate your compensation before your treatment has been completed. Bridgeway has seen the average case takes between 12-18 months from the date of your accident before one can expect to receive their settlement.

What could a motorcycle accident be worth?

The value of any case is measured first is the amount of damages caused to a plaintiff. Damages are made up of physical property, bodily injury and loss of earnings or income. Your attorney will total up all forms of damages you have been caused demand a multiple of that as compensation, often 2-4 times the damages.

The next determining factor will be the amount of insurance the at-fault vehicle has to be recovered from.  The minimum insurance policy limits in the State of Florida are $10,000/$20,000. This means that all drivers are required to hold at least that much insurance on their motorcycle. The $10,000 refers to the maximum insurance policy per injured occupant and the $20,000 refers to the total policy for all injured occupants in the crash. Insurance policy limits are a very important factor in motor cycle accident lawsuits because that establishes the maximum amount of money one can hope to receive in their settlement. While a 10/20 policy is the state minimum, often drivers will opt for a higher limits policy, so it is very important to find out the insurance policy limits associated with your accident to have a better idea of what you can potentially win from your lawsuit.

Florida is what’s called a “Comparative Negligence State” which means that you can be considered partially at-fault for your accident and still collect damages. The court will decide how responsible you are for the accident and the settlement will be adjusted depending on your level of fault. Motorcyclists should add uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to their insurance, because if the other driver does not have insurance and is at-fault, you will not be able to recover any money for your losses.

Florida Motorcycle Statistics

Motorcycle use has increased in Florida; the amount of registered motorcycles has increased 124% since 2000. By comparison, the number of cars registered in Florida has increased only 34%.

Motorcycle travel is far more dangerous to the rider than to those riding in cars. Over 80% of motorcycle crashes result in death or injury to the biker. Since 2000, the annual motorcycle fatality rate has been about 8.5 fatalities per 10,000 registered motorcycles.

Can I receive a lawsuit loan in my area?

Bridgeway Legal Funding can provide immediate cash across Florida including Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Hillsborough County, Orange County, Pinellas County, Duval County, Lee County, Polk County, Brevard County, Volusia County, Pasco County, Seminole County, Sarasota County, Marion County, Manatee County, Collier County, Escambia County, Lake County, Osceola County, St. Lucie County, Leon County, Alachua County, St. Johns County, Clay County, Okaloosa County.