Montana Workers' Comp Pre-settlement Funding

Have an attorney and a workers’ compensation claim in the state of Montana?  Bridgeway can help you get by with pre-settlement funding. 


Pre-settlement Funding

We offer pre-settlement funding to injured workers to help in a time of financial distress.  After being in an accident at work, the last thing you want to worry about is paying your bills or medical treatment. 


Most people use the money they receive to pay their rent, mortgage, car payment, car insurance, gas, utilities, childcare, tuition and other daily living expenses. 


Applying and Underwriting

The application process to receive pre-settlement funding on your Montana workers’ compensation is simple and quick.  Just call 800-531-4066 or fill out the form on the website. 


Once we receive your application we will contact your law firm to request the documents for your case.  We need to see documentation of your accident to see if it’s legitimate and worthwhile for us to fund. 


After reviewing the documents are perhaps having a conversation with you and your attorney we can offer a dollar amount of around 10% of our estimated value of the case. 


We limit what we offer to give ourselves a margin of safety.  In case our predictions go awry we should still be able to collect at the end of the case.  We also want you to receive most of your settlement. 


Non-recourse Funding

In the event your case is unsuccessful and there is no settlement, you do not owe us anything.  There is no credit check because the funding is based on the merits of your case, not your personal ability to pay us back. 


Montana Workers’ Compensation

When you receive workers’ compensation in Montana, you may only receive a fraction of what you normally make.  You may receive up to 66.67% or 2/3 of your gross wages at the time of your injury, but a maximum rate of $733 a week. 


The benefit of $733 may not be large enough to get you by.  While you’re out of work you may have no other way of generating income and may need workers’ comp funding.  We can help provide you with a monthly stream of income until you get back on your feet. 


Bridgeway Legal Funding

We offer pre-settlement funding to injured workers in the state of Montana.  We have been in business for over 6 years and is an authority on legal funding.  We are the low-cost provider in the industry.  We charge simple rates, not compounding rates, which saves our clients thousands of dollars per year.   Our excellent customer service saves the attorneys we work with from headaches and gives them valuable time they need to spend on fighting for your case. 


If you would like to apply for an advance please give us a call or fill out a web application to the right. 


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