Rhode Island Workers' Comp Loan

Injured in a worker’s comp accident in Rhode Island and in need of a loan?  If you have a case and an attorney, Bridgeway Legal Funding can help. 

What is a Lawsuit Loan?

We offer what are often called “lawsuit loans,” which are not actually loans.  When you borrow money against your lawsuit you don’t have to pay us back unless you receive a settlement.  There is no risk to you and we don’t require credit or background checks because the amount we offer you is based upon our estimated value of your case. 

Injured and Need Cash?

Being injured on the job is a hardship many people endure.  However, worker’s compensation is limited in its reimbursement to the victim.  You can only receive a maximum amount of compensation from the state, which may be less than what you were making on the job.  You may need some money to get you by while you are out of work or on light duty and making less.  That’s where Bridgeway Legal Funding can help. 

Lowest Rates in the Industry

In Rhode Island we offer our clients low rates on their workers’ comp loans.  We offer simple rates that don’t compound and balloon over the life of the loan.  Each period you pay the same amount to borrow the money, rather than paying more as time goes on.  A majority of our clients and their attorneys come to us because of the low rates we offer.  When you pay less on your lawsuit loan, you receive more in your settlement. 

Excellent Customer Service

We are fast and easy to work with.  To apply we need some simple information.  We need to have a conversation with you and your attorney before we fund your case.  We review the documents of your case and come up with an estimated value.  We can fund up to 10% of your case’s worth.  We choose to only fund 10% of the value of your case to limit our chance for loss and maximize the amount you receive in your settlement. 

Receiving the Money

If we decide to offer you money and you accept we can send you the money in one of three ways.  First of all we can wire you the money to your bank account, which will only take a couple of hours.  Secondly we can overnight you a check for the money, which you will receive next day.  Lastly we can send you a check through regular mail, which may take too long as most of clients need their money as soon as possible. 

Paying the Money Back

In a workers’ comp case in Rhode Island the check comes through the law office so we are able to fund the case.  If and when your case settles we get paid by the law office before you receive your settlement. 

Bridgeway Legal Funding

If you would like to apply for a cash advance please give us a call at 800-531-4066 or apply by filling out the form on the right side of your screen.