South Dakota Workers' Compensation Loans

South Dakota Workers’ Comp Lawsuit Loans


Injured in a Work Accident?  Need Cash?

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work in South Dakota.  You should be receiving workers’ compensation, but you might need more money to pay your bills.  A lawsuit loan can help you get by in the short-term while your attorney fights for your case.  A “lawsuit loan” is not actually a loan, but a non-recourse cash advance.  If you lose your case and don’t receive a settlement, you owe us nothing!



Lawsuit loans can be costly because of the risk involved.  However, we offer the lowest rates in the industry.  Our rates don’t compound and balloon the amount you’ll owe back over time like our competitors.  Each 6 month period you are charged the same amount no matter how long your case takes to settle. 



Workers in South Dakota can apply today.  We will request case documents from your law firm to come up with a projected value for your case.  We will also speak with you and your attorney to confirm the facts of the case.  Once we have all the details we can offer you up to 10% of the projected value of your case.  We only offer 10% in order to protect ourselves in case we’re wrong about your case.  This 10% limit also helps you receive the majority of your settlement rather than paying a big portion back to us. 



In order for you to apply you must live in South Dakota or any of the other states we fund.  You do not need a credit check or background check because the advance is based on your lawsuit, not your ability to pay us back. 


Delivery of Cash

Although we are located in New York we offer lawsuit loans on workers’ compensation cases in South Dakota.  We can deliver your cash quickly.  If you’re approved for an advance and we agree on an amount to fund your case you can receive your cash in the same day.  We can wire you the money or overnight ship the money from New York, which you will receive the next day in South Dakota. 


Excellent Customer Service

We are easy to work with.  We won’t be a burden to your law firm.  We have a quick turnaround process and can get you cash the same day you apply if all goes smoothly.  We will not overfund your case.   We will try to give you as little as possible so you can get by, but still receive the majority of your settlement.  Our purpose is to serve our clients, not to take advantage of them. 


Bridgeway Legal Funding

We offer lawsuit loans to injured victims in workers’ comp cases in South Dakota.  If you’ve been injured at work and have an attorney please give us a call at 800-531-4066 to apply.