Don't accept less money than you deserve simply because you cannot afford to wait. An advance from Bridgeway buys you the time you need.

Have you been hurt on the job in Washington? Private industry employers reported 78,200 workplace injuries and illnesses in Washington in 2020-- that’s a rate of 3.5 cases per every 100 workers. Workers’ compensation is intended to be a lifeline for injured workers who need to stay home to nurse their injuries, but sadly, the money simply doesn’t come fast enough. 

If you’re one of the many injured workers who are waiting on a workers’ compensation settlement in Washington, don’t wait any longer. You deserve to have cash in hand now to help you offset your accident related expenses. In the event you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, workers’ compensation could help you financially while you recover from your injury or illness. Workers’ comp benefits in Washington state pays 60 to 75% of the wage you were earning, depending on how many dependents you have. 

Bridgeway Legal Funding can help you if you’re struggling to pay your rent, mortgage, car note, medical bills or any other obligations because you haven’t received Washington workers comp benefits yet. We act as a lifeline for injured workers and advance them part of their workers comp settlement almost immediately. Let us help you get the money you need now so you can stay afloat until your attorney can get you fair compensation.

To learn more about pre-settlement advances, visit our Guide to Funding.

What are Washington workers’ compensation benefits?

Temporary Total Disability: This is paid out when you can no longer work or are recovering from a workplace injury or illness. These payments are usually equal to about two-thirds of your average weekly wage.

Permanent Total Disability: This money is paid out when you are severely disabled due to a work-related injury and cannot return to your job as you once did. Injured workers may be entitled to a one-time $50,000 payment if the injury is deemed catastrophic.

Permanent Partial Disability: This compensation is paid out when you suffer a permanent impairment (such as the loss of a limb) due to a workplace incident. These benefits are also approximately two-thirds of your average weekly wage.

Pre-settlement funding is quick and easy, also you only have to pay back the money you borrow if you win your case.

How can I get cash now while I wait on my workers’ compensation settlement in Washington?

A non-recourse cash advance (sometimes called a lawsuit loan) is simply an advance on the expected settlement of your claim. Our team looks at your workers’ compensation claim, chats with your lawyer and gets an estimated case value in just a few hours. Once approved for the advance, we send you the money and you get a little relief.

Do I have to pay back a Washington workers’ compensation settlement advance? 

A pre-settlement cash advance is not actually a loan at all. There are no payments, credit check or personal liability to re-pay the cash advance unless you receive a workers’ compensation settlement. If you lose your case or don’t receive a settlement, you pay back nothing.

How do I know if I am eligible for a workers’ compensation settlement advance?

Anyone can apply with Bridgeway Legal Funding. As long as you were injured on the job and filed for workers’ compensation, you can contact Bridgeway Legal Funding and file a quick application.

Any employee of any profession is welcome to contact our team about workman’s comp funding in Washington. We often see cases involving airline and airport employees, construction workers, truck drivers, transit workers, teachers, restaurant staff and much more. Any Washington resident who has been hurt at work is able to apply and seek our help.

What can I use my workers’ compensation advance to pay for?

Most injured victims find that bills pile up rather quickly after a bad accident. The cost of medical care alone can be quite high, but those aren’t the only payments you’ll likely be stuck with after an accident. 

A big part of nursing your injuries after a workplace related accident, is simply staying home to heal. But what is an injured worker supposed to do without their weekly paycheck? Worker’s compensation is intended to provide money for injured workers, but the issue is that so many injured workers end up having to wait way too long to see that money.

You can use your workers comp lawsuit loan money for emergency expenses, medical bills, and more. Anything you would have used your worker’s compensation settlement money for, you can use with your non-recourse cash advance money.

How do I apply for workers’ compensation settlement funding in Washington?

Bridgeway may be able to advance you 10-20% of your lawsuit settlement today.

Applying for legal funding with Bridgeway legal funding is easy. Simply fill out this form or call our office. More information on the approval and application process can be found here.

As a reminder, a non-recourse cash advance is not a loan at all, so we will not check your credit, perform a background check, look into your criminal history, or ask any questions typically associated with getting a loan from the bank. Applying is quick and easy and we are typically able to approve your claim within 24 hours of submitting.