ThumbnailHave you been injured at work and now don't know how your going to pay the bills? Bridgeway Legal Funding can help!  Bridgeway specializes in getting injured workers a piece of their workers compensation settlement now and only have to pay if back if the claim is a winner.  The process is quick and easy, just call or e-mail Bridgeway today and a team member will be happy to discuss how much pre-settlement funding you can receive today.

For many people who are losing work hours due to a work-related injury or illness, the compensation owed to them isn’t just helpful, but necessary. In 2017 alone, it was reported by the District of Columbia Department of Health that about 2,880 workers lost needed hours due to a work related injury or illness in Washington, including broken or sprained bones and food-borne illnesses. For these people, the hours and pay lost due to the negligence of an employer can result in a number of serious setbacks and financial struggles, and most cannot wait to receive their worker’s comp in 1-2 years to keep their life moving smoothly and functionally.

What Is A Pre-Settlement Advance?

In a sense, a pre-settlement advance from Bridgeway is like a loan of sorts. An advance is a quick and simple way to receive a portion of your expected workers comp settlement while you’re forced to wait for workers comp to pay you the money you deserve. However, unlike a traditional loan or mortgage, you are not obligated to pay back the advance you receive unless you win your injury claim and receive a settlement. This type of funding is commonly referred to as a "lawsuit loan", despite not being technically a loan. A lawsuit loan has no up-front costs or payments unless you are successful in your case and receive a settlement. Pre-settlement funding has no effect on your credit score or background check.

Why Apply For A Pre-Settlement Advance?

Employers in D.C. are required by law to have workers comp insurance coverage to ensure that employees will receive compensation for their injuries, which can be up to two thirds your employee salary and 100% of medical expenses (according to the DC Department of Employment Services). However, the entanglement of filed claims, lawyers and insurance providers involved with fulfilling your settlement can make the process much more complicated than it should, which can leave you without your due compensation for many months, even up to a year or two. That’s up to a year of medical bills, mortgage payments, groceries, gas payments, child care, legal fees, and many more expenses which require the money you rightfully deserve.

A pre-settlement advance from Bridgeway Legal Funding will help speed up the process of getting you the money you need. When you apply for pre-settlement funding from Bridgeway, you can receive roughly 10-15% of your estimated settlement within 24-48 hours of reaching out to us.

Am I Eligible For An Advance In D.C.?

Yes. If you live in the Washington, D.C. area and are awaiting a worker’s comp settlement, you are eligible to have your case reviewed by Bridgeway Legal Funding to receive an advance on your expected settlement.  Learn more about the quick & easy approval process here.

How Do I Apply For An Advance With Bridgeway?

Unlike the slow, complex legal process fulfilling your workers comp settlement, applying for and receiving a pre-settlement advance from Bridgeway Legal Funding could not be faster or easier. To request an assessment for an advance, all you need to do is call Bridgeway at (800) 531-4066 or send in an application on our website. From there, a Bridgeway team member will reach out to you for a quick conversation about your work-related incident and workers comp claim, and will also request some documentation related to the case (which we will be happy to contact your law office to receive). Once we’ve determined whether or not you are eligible for an advance, we will send you a percentage of your estimated settlement as an advance in as little as 24-48 hours. In just a day or two, you will have the money you deserve to help keep life moving forward.

For more information on how to file a worker’s compensation claim in the District of Columbia, please visit the DC Department of Employer Services here.