Workers' Compensation Lawsuit Loans

If you cannot afford to wait for your injury settlement, Bridgeway Legal Funding can provide a cash advance on your workers compensation claim. The process is super easy and you can receive 10-20% of your case value today.

If you have been injured while at work and are awaiting a settlement from Workers’ Compensation, Bridgeway can help! Bridgeway Legal Funding can provide you the necessary cash to meet your financial needs immediately while your attorney fights for the full value of your case. A cash advance on your case can help you to pay rent, bills, daily expenses, medical treatment and much more.

Workers Compensation is designed to supplement your normal income that you are forced to miss due to injuries sustained while performing your job. Unfortunately, these claims normally take quite some time before you are able to receive that money and most people simply cannot wait. A pre-settlement advance or lawsuit loan acts to bridge that gap and provide essential money until you can return to work.

Bridgeway has successfully aided injured workers from the following professions with much needed cash advances:

  • Airline & Airport employees
  • Assembly Line Workers
  • Builders & Laborers
  • Bus Drivers
  • Construction Workers
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Nurse & Healthcare Aids
  • Electricians
  • Government Employees
  • Mechanics
  • Postal Workers
  • Transit Workers
  • Truck & Tractor Trailer Drivers
  • Union Workers

Workers Compensation claims differ somewhat to other personal injury claims in the way they are evaluated. In most cases, once a Workers Comp case is accepted and recognized the next step is to determine the level of impairment or disability. The level of impairment that an injured worker is found to have is a major determining factor in how much they will be compensated. Also, major factors include the age of the worker and their estimated future earnings or loss thereof due to their injury. Typically the first question your attorney will ask you is if you have been fully examined by a trusted medical expert to determine your full scope of injury. Your attorney should not and will not begin to fight for your compensation until the full spectrum of your injury is clearly determined. For some this can be relatively quick, while for others it can take years to complete treatment and return to work, if that is in even an option.

State rules governing Workers Compensation benefits differ from state to state. Accordingly the procedure for receiving compensation varies throughout the country. If you have been injured while on the job, Bridgeway can provide immediate cash assistance in the following states: 

Alaska,  Iowa,  Louisiana, MissouriMontana, New York (Labor Law only) North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma,  Rhode Island,  South Dakota,  Washington D.C.,  Washington and  Wyoming.